Bunny Mage(Hero class)

Basic info
HP Lv150HP Lv10120
attack Lv11.1attack Lv101.75
initiative Lv140initiative Lv1061
Momentum(Lv3 -)
Mana Battery(Lv4 -)
No effect. In game help says: Has a small chance of attacking twice each turn.
・Mana Battery
Gains 1 MANA for every rest. Not works in dungeons.

# It's subjective. "-" is the worst, "***" is the best.

The best mage. Bunny Mage has one of the best skills: Mana Battery. Some spells are very powerful, but mana always runs short. So mana source is very important. He(she) has the best stats among all mages, too. Great against armored skeletons or rock elementals.

Detailed stats
LvHPAttackInitiativeSkill 1Skill 2
4801.2547MomentumMana Battery
5851.349MomentumMana Battery
6901.3552MomentumMana Battery
7951.454MomentumMana Battery
81001.557MomentumMana Battery
91101.659MomentumMana Battery
101201.7561MomentumMana Battery