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This site is based on version 2014/02/08.

o To avoid freeze bug: Never change equipment in dungeon!
o Hero gained level, but his attack reduced!
o My attacks always deal 1 damage
o Hero skills are glitching
o Ny weapons disappeared!
o Astral bonuses don't work
o How to use spells?
o How to dismiss a hero?

 To avoid freeze bug: Never change equipment in dungeon!

The most important tips. Never open equipment window in dungeons, or this game will be crushed.

This game sometimes freezes in dungeon without equipment changing. I have no idea to avoid it.

 Hero gained level, but his attack reduced!

It's a bug of Brutality equipments.

Sniper Lv9 with Brutality weapon and armor : 2.1 attack(1.9+0.1+0.1).
Then he gains a level. He is Lv10 now.
His attack should be 2.2(2.0+0.1+0.1), but in the real case, his attack is 2.0!
If you removed both Brutality equipments from the Lv10 Sniper, his attack is decreased to 1.8.

To avoid
Remove Brutality items from the hero and level up him, then he regains proper attack.
The hero can't regain his attack if he is already lv10.

The best solution is never use Brutality unless you're lv10.

 My attacks always deal 1 damage

Attack(DPS) is important
Defense is simple subtract in this game. It means you always deal 1 damage when enemy's defense is bigger than your attack(DPS).

To gain high DPS, prepare high attack classes (Sniper or Berbarian) with great weapons. Other classes don't have enough attack against toughest bosses.

Some equipment's skills are useful.
Spiked skill fires back 20% of melee damage. It's great against Ninjas.
Brutality is great for Lv10 heroes. (Brutality is bad to non-Lv10 heroes for the attack reduction glitch.)

DPS = Weapon attack * Hero's attack. Both weapon and hero class are important.

Try to balance physical and magical heroes
Enemies tends to have high defense in this game.
There are high physical def enemies(Rock elementals etc) or high magical def enemies(Crystal elemental etc).
So it's bad idea to build your army with same attack type heroes.

Both "melee" and "ranged" is physical attack, so physical attacker is more common.
Never forget some magical heroes for your adventure.

Use spells
Power Up spell beats the toughest boss.
To pruduce mana, enlist Bunny Mage and Archmage.

 Hero skills are glitching

In equipment window, hero skills are glitching.
It's strange, but not harmful.

Another glitch: Many skills have no effect.(not implemented yet?)

 Ny weapons disappeared!

You will lose all of your items when a map ends.
Even astral weapons are not re-useable.

 Astral bonuses don't work

Astral Training(exp+2) has no effect.
Other astral bonuses are working properly.

 How to use spells?

Case 1: No spell is displayed in combats
To use spells, select some spells at the beginning. (at Embarkation window)
Unlike astral equipments, spells are not disposal. So it's good always carrying spells.

Case 2: Mana shortage
Mana is precious. There's only two way to get: from dungeons, or from skills.
Bunny Mage's Mana Battery is the best way to generate mana. Archmage's Lucky is also great.

 How to dismiss a hero?

There's no dismiss command, but you can use "Ascend" to dismiss heroes.
You can ascend in "Ascention Shrine". (It's a heart marked building.)


Nothing to do in this map, but I got penalty when "Leave"
Lost to battle intentionally(it consumes 25 turns) or move on mountain tiles repeatedly.
It would be great if "Leave" got no penalties.

I get lost
Large maps are so large and time consuming.
Let's play small maps. I play small maps only.
If auto mapping was in this game, large maps would be more playable...

How to sell multiple items?
Unfortunately, there's no convenient way. Sell items one by one.